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Judges Comment

This is an amazing photograph of one of the most iconic buildings in the world, captured in a snowstorm that leave the streets empty. It’s both contemporary but also timeless in that it could be from any time period where color photography was possible. Only the Sprint logo and the Apple TV billboard give away the time period. We find the photograph dramatic, lively and very aesthetic. We kept returning to it again and again in this competition till we finally decided that this is the winner of the I-SHOT-IT Premium Competition.

Photographers Comment

Michele Palazzo New York, Flat Iron Building, Madison Square Park 1/23/2016 / Ricoh GR / Post processed in Lightroom I was impressed by the wind and the snow swirling around my favorite building in the city, so I took some shots. This shot was perfect. The image, which was slightly tweaked in Lightroom resembles an impressionist painting from the 19th century.