The Judges

Thorsten Overgaard - Premium and B&W Judge

Thorsten Overgaard is a well known and very active Danish photographer who runs seminars all over the world for serious photographers.

Birgit Krippner - Premium, B&W, Flowers, and Panorama Judge

‘Photography has been my most serious passion since I was a child. I always was able to express myself - my thoughts and feelings - through my photographs. And hopefully - I always will be able to do so.’

Duncan MacArthur - Landscape and Wildlife Judge

Born in Perth, Scotland. Duncan now runs a photography and editing business in the Queyras ( French Hautes-Alpes ) where he lives with his wife and three children. Duncan runs landscape photography workshops and has an online store for purchasing prints.

Mike Atkinson - Birds Judge

Mike's twin passions for birds and photography have been with him since his teen years. The advent of digital photography has finally enabled him to combine these passions to create a rich collection of images covering over 200 British species, over 1000 of which are featured on his website. His images have appeared in a wide range of publications, both in print and in electronic media. Mike has acted as Photo Editor for BirdGuides, encouraging the development of bird photography through the Reviews of the Week and other activities. Having learnt the art and craft of bird photography the hard way, Mike now enjoys passing on his knowledge to others through tutorial articles, workshops and one-to-one training.

Illona Haus - Dogs, Cats and Horses Judge

Dogs are my passion, whether it’s training, behavior, health and nutrition, or simply enjoying their company. But when it comes to photography, I love the challenge of working with dogs as a subject ... capturing their natural moments, the reality of their life ... essentially, Dog being Dog.

Tim Wallace - Car & Transport Judge

Tim Wallace is an award winning photographer who is probably best known for his commercial car and advertising work. Tim has an impressive portfolio and client list which can be seen on his ambientlife website.

"Photography is for me simply a creative passion, the ability to use light and form to capture in a single image of what I see in my own imagination..."

David Chambon - Macro Judge

David Chambon's websites show his passion and skill for capturing amazing macro photos. David Chambon lives in France and says on his website:

"I am passionate first for wildlife photography and I turn now to the portrait, concert and entertainment."

Lisa Alessandra Kutzelnig - Children Judge

Lisa Alessandra Kutzelnig's websites shows what she does best. She takes fantastic photos of children doing what they do best - being children. Lisa completed the “Study of Art History”, at the University of Salzburg, and is now making a name for herself as a professional photographer with exhibited work.

Friends Of Harvey Milk Art Center - City Judges

The Friends of Harvey Milk Art Center ( ) is a non-profit agency supporting the works of Harvey Milk Center for the Arts including the Harvey Milk Photo Center.

Volunteer community based jurors will judge the city photo competitions. Information about Harvey Milk Photo Center can be found here: