Child Photo Competition 2020 No 3 : Entry Number 55

Judges Comment

Something I personally have been enjoying as a judge for the Child competition, is being exposed to kids from all around the world. Different cultures to where I come from and where I live, insight into peoples' life from other parts of this world. This is a great example for this. Loving the post-production of this photo. Great expression, beautifully framed, and warm colours make this an image we enjoy coming back to look at it again and again.

Photographers Comment

Thank you for this overwhelming surprise and comment! Now that I was lucky to win with a boyhood motif for the second time, I'm starting to worry as a childless forty-something.*smile* The frame was created spontaneously in Sumba Barat, one of the last Indonesian destinations that could be visited after the outbreak of the pandemic and shows a Sumbanese junior in front of his Marapu-house. Next to Tana Toraja, Sumba is the second of the unique megalithic cultures of the South Pacific area. The fact that the boy opened his arms in the shape of the water buffalo horn was a happy coincidence. Taken with Sony FF, 24mm GM @ f/2.8, added warm contrast in post. I thank the jury from the bottom of my heart and would like to express my kind respect to everyone who has been honored here. Thank you also for another "Mark Of Excellence". All the best from Germany, Wolfgang Weinhardt