Flower Photo Competition 1 2019 : Entry Number 85

Judges Comment

The I-Shot-It judge has chosen this photo as the latest Flower competition winner! The light is moody and dark, with beautiful highlights hidden in it. This is a superb photograph, not only for composition and colour. Also all those different layers and reflections in it make this an outstanding image. Well done, thank you for submitting this image, and congratulations to the winner from the I-Shot-it team!

Photographers Comment

Thank you! It's a great motivation for me to continue taking thought out pictures for the competitions. I shot this picture at home with flash, lamp, two mirrors, long exposure camera movement; and then used only color correction. Nikon d610 sigma 35mm f1.4 (it's pretty hard not to get excess reflections in the mirror) Serebryakov Ivan, Russia, Ryazan.