Landscape Photo Competition 2015 No 3 : Entry Number 128

Judges Comment

This is a beautiful and peaceful minimal composition with lovely balance, both left-right and top-bottom. The depth of field holds the viewer’s eye, the lines and texture keep us looking. The flat light makes soft tones and colours thanks to your perfect exposure, the cloud detail slowly creeps out bringing depth. It is a great shot, so simple and very clever - the fence posts nail it. Well done you win this round.

Photographers Comment

Thanks SO much! My name is Víctor Alonso and I'm a spanish photographer based in valladolid, Spain. I took this picture a couple of months ago in Tudela de Duero (Valladolid) with a canon 5d mark II and a sigma 70-200. I used adobe lightroom to process the raw and achieve the tone and color I wanted.