Sports Photo Competition 2014 No 4 : Entry Number 50

Judges Comment

Congratulations! When I looked at the picture for the very first time I knew nearly in the glimpse of an eye that we have found our winner. This picture is really an act of balance. The boy shows how fragile our way of being is. At the same time he reflects the strength of a focused mind in the labyrinth of the modern world, which is emphasized by the great structure within the background. Besides the outstanding perception of looking at the world, which is shown in the picture, the format of the picture is quite unusual, this gives it another special touch. At last there is nothing else to say but give the world more pictures like this, keep on shooting!

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much for choosing my picture, it makes me a little proud! It was taken in 2012 in Paris an shows the football-artist Iya Traoré. I used a Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 70-200/2,8. Feel free to visit my homepage: