Macro Photo Competition 2013 No 6 : Entry Number 3

Judges Comment

A beautiful portrait with very good sharpness.

Photographers Comment

Hi, my name is Jenn Wei, from Malaysia. Almost as soon as i began to explore, to read at all, i began to amaze by the formidable life in the undergrowth. For most i embrace the abundance life of tropical country for co-existing with such amazing creatures. This was done at night, during my night macro, this mole cricket was found moving frantically under my torch light, it took a long while follow until it came to rest. This was captured up north of Malaysia crawling its way out in the meadow; Handheld at 1/200 sec, F-57, ISO200, Full Flash. Shot with Nikon D700 + Kenko Extension Tubes 68mm + Tamron SP90 + R1 + DIY Diffuser