Sports Photo Competition 2013 No 2 : Entry Number 159

Judges Comment

Nice image, works well, but we have seen many images recently from this sport and mostly in black and white also, so unfortunately its losing its impact for me personally, however I'm sure for people who haven't seen many of these images, they will like it. Good photo.

Photographers Comment

Thanks for the 10th "Mark Of Excellence" [--] without a win. Some critique at my own expense: My last MoE (Sports Competition No.1) showed a dragging motion of an Indian Kambla and like today the Juror wrote "..we have seen many images recently from this sport..". I am afraid Mr. Tyson meant the Indonesian Pacu Jawi or the Madurese Karapang Sapi cause I've never seen a Kambla-Image in an international Sports Competition and i follow the majority.. . To my surprise, finally, the winner was a picture of a "never-seen-before" Volleyball Match. Furthermore, jellyfish-diving in Palau is tourism not a sport. And the 3rd time in a row i ask myself: Why I cannot find the current "Most Popular Photo" among partially prosaic pictures? For an ultimately aesthetic pic like that i stuck in the mud knee-deep and got hit twice by the bulls. Lamented enough..i am out. Un'grudgingly, Wolf (Berlin, Germany)