Sports Photo Competition 2013 No 1 : Entry Number 185

Judges Comment

I like this image, i think the depth of field you chose is perfect, shallow enough to focus on the gloves, but deep enough just to show the opponents concern with the impending punches...good work, nice clean image, well done.

Photographers Comment

Thank you for the Mark of Excellence on this photo. My name is Billy Precht and I have been shooting sports off and on for several years. I shot this image of Yuri Forman a few years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was stuck in a corner position ring side with the television camera guy standing right over me. I wanted to show a unique image when it came to boxing and when Yuri stood up from his corner in the middle rounds his gloves were at the perfect level to see both of his hands and the face of his opponent who was studying how to approach him once the bell rang.