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Wildlife Photo Competition Results and Judges Critiques

April 17th, 2014  ( Updated 12 hours ago )

Wildlife Photo Competition 1 2014

There are some beautiful wildlife photos for you to feast your eyes on. The winner with a super lion photo has won the first wildlife photo contest of the year. They have won $219.60 plus a pair of Leica Trinovid 8 x 20 BCA Binoculars. The wildlife judge Duncan MacArthur has chosen twelve of the best photos. He has also added his critique to a number of others:

Judges Critiques

There were 183 entries. Thank you to everyone who took part and we look forward to seeing more of your wildlife photography.

Black And White Photo Competition Results

April 15th, 2014  ( Updated 13 hours ago )

Black-And-White Photo Competition 1 2014

The I SHOT IT judges Thorsten Overgaard and Birgit Krippner have picked 30 of the best photos. Markus Heitkämper from Germany has won the prize of $16,290.00 and a Leica M MONOCHROM body worth $8000.00. I'm sure you'll agree that this is a very big prize. The black and white competition always attracts a lot of talent, and a very high standard of photography. There were 1629 entries. If your photo made it into the top thirty then this is a big achievement, but there are many excellent photos that didn't. The black and white competition is the most popular competition and it's alway exciting to see the results. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part.

Bird Photo Competition Results

April 11th, 2014  ( Updated 6 days ago )

Bird Photo Competition 1 2014

The bird photo judge Mike Atkinson has chosen 9 winning photos. Congratulation to Chan Chun Ming from Hong Kong who has won $446.40 plus a Leica C camera worth $700. The standard of photography was very high and there were so many amazing bird photos. There were 372 entries. Thank you so much to everyone who took part.

It's always interesting reading the comments that the winning photographers leave. You can see that many of the winning photos are made using 300 or 400mm lenses. It does look like a big zoom lens is an important part of the kit for capturing the best bird shots. Mike Atkinson has a great page here with information about what equipment is best.

Dog Photo Competition Results

April 9th, 2014  ( Updated 8 days ago )

Dog Photo Competition 1 2014

We are please to announce 12 winners of the dog photo competition. With so many excellent entries is wasn't an easy task for the judge Illona Haus. The winner has won $494.40 plus a Leica C camera. There were 412 entries. Thank you so much to everyone who entered a photo. The dog photo competition is always a popular one and we know from the emails we receive everyone is eager to see the results.

Cars And Transport Results

March 25th, 2014  ( Updated 23 days ago )

Cars and Transport Competition 1 2014

In the cars and transport photo competition we often see photos of old rust buckets. They make a great contrasts to the brand new shiny cars. We are pleased to announce that the winner of this competition is an old rust bucket. A BMW, but not as we are used to seeing one. Congratulation to the winner from Switzerland who has won $247.20 plus a Leica C camera worth $700. The judge Tim Wallace has chosen 10 of the best photos. There were 206 entries. Thank you to everyone who took part. A new competition has started here where there are already some fantastic entries.

Cat Competition Results

March 21st, 2014  ( Updated 27 days ago )

Cat Photo Competition 1 2014

Jane Bjerkli from Eidsvoll in Norway has won the cat photo contest with captivating cat shot. Jane has won $360.00 plus a Leica C. The cat photo judge Illona Haus has picked 12 shots from the 300 entries. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered. There were so many wonderful photos and we enjoyed looking at them all.

Oskar Barnack Public Prize - Voting Starts 1st April

March 17th, 2014  ( Updated 29 days ago )

The name might look like an anagram for Barak Obama, but Oskar Barnack was a leading force behind the first Leica cameras. To celebrate his life there is an award every year: The Oskar Barnack Award. For the first time there is now a public award hosted by I SHOT IT:

Oskar Barnack Public Award

There are 10 Leica C Cameras to be given away to anyone who votes! To have a chance of winning one of these cameras, all you need to do is sign in and vote. If you don't have an I SHOT IT account it just takes a few seconds to create an account.

Please take your time to look at the photo sets and use your vote wisely as the winning photographer will win 2500 euros. Each photographer has entered a set of 10 to 12 photos. There are 56 sets of photos over 8 pages ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ). Click on a photo to open the page for that set. When the voting starts on the 1st April ( no joke ), you will see a big voting button on each page containing a set of photos.


Child Photo Competition Results

March 6th, 2014  ( Updated 1 month ago )

Child Photo Competition 2013 No 6

Congratulations to Francesco Fratto from Italy who has won the child photo contest. Francesco has won $756.00 plus a Leica C worth $700. Francesco also received a Mark Of Excellence award in the last Premium Photo contest, so he is doing very well.

There were 378 entries, proving that once again the child photo contest is very popular. As $2 from each entry is added to the first prize, this really helped the first prize to grow. Thank you to everyone who entered their photo and thank you to the judge Lisa Alessandra Kutzelnig who picked 20 winning photos.

Premium Photo Competition Results

March 6th, 2014  ( Updated 1 month ago )

Premium Photo Competition 2014 Q1

Congratulations to Ralph Dutt-Ballerstadt from Portland, USA. Ralph has won a super prize of $2,165.00 plus a Leica X2 Camera worth $2000. There were 433 entries. Thank you to the judges who picked 20 winning photos. But most of all, thank you to everyone who entered their fantastic photos making this competition possible.

Macro Competition Results

February 25th, 2014  ( Updated 1 month ago )

Macro Photo Competition 2013 No 6

Congratulation to Petar Sabol from Croatia who has won the Macro Competition with his super shot of a butterfly. The photo has some beautiful rich colors and is a well deserved winner. Petar has won $240 and a brand new Leica C worth $700. Petar is a very talented photographer who has won many awards for his work. The macro competition judge David Chambon has awarded a mark of excellence to another nine stunning macro shots. Well done to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered one of the 120 entries.