Cat Photo Competition 3 2016
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

What a sweet image of a curious kitten. The leading lines draw our eye directly to this adorable animal. The only distraction is the dark object at the top center of frame in this otherwise clean image. Otherwise, very nicely done. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Hi my name is Eric and i come from the Netherlands. Thanks to the judges for giving my photo a Mark Of Excellence... I took this picture of Max(i) (named after our dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen) It was her frist day at our home and she was a little bit scared but at the same time very curious, as you can see in this picture... The camera that i used is the Fujifilm X Pro2 with the XF35mm f2.0 R WR. Its a fantastic combination! Post processing was made in LR cc with the Fujifilm profile Acros +R filter plus some extra contrast, highlights and shadow adjustments! Kind regards Eric