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Judges Comment

The judges loved the composition, the use of the lines throughout the image, the idea of looking out through the window with the reflected blinds. It is so nicely composed that it doesn't feel like "a panorama", yet clearly it is. Well done!

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much for awarding me first place! My name is Gerard Collett and I am a photographer based in London, England. This is the view of the Schloßplatz from the Kubus Museum (which explains the surreal reflections), in Stuttgart, Germany. I love the perspectival grid of its paving stones - this, along with the pedestrianisation of Königstraße, means that there are quite a lot of neat photographic opportunities for the street photographer! The sculpture you can see in the foreground is by Alexander Calder. I took the photograph with my trusty iPhone 5, to which I am indebted and devoted! I processed it using Snapseed. Thank you again for this award and for your very kind comments!