Most Popular Photos : 2017 : Position 35

Judges Comment

Classic beauty and picture-making meets modern beauty and image-making in this extraordinary simple setting in a location that is usually chaos of people and activity to get to see this relatively small painting of Mona Lisa. We like the exclusive, isolated moment the couple have as the natural lead characters in this modern drama. This photograph has so many elements that just falls in place, from the tonality to the fact that the only faces you see, are the three main persons. It’s beautiful work, and it’s the winner of the I SHOT IT Black & White Competition. Congratulations.

Photographers Comment

"Selfie Lovers", Paris 2017. This photo was taken in the Louvre museum, this year. I was very surprised to see the number of people not even taking a look at the painting and preferring to take selfies. Sony AR7 II, 55mm. File processed in black and white with Lightroom, accentuation of contrast.