Cat Photo Competition 3 2020
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

This is a stunning black-on-black image, where the conversion to black-and-white reduces it to the key elements: the cat's intense eye, his brilliant whiskers and the gleam on his nose. A very strong image indeed. Nicely done. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank you for this Mark of Excellence. My name is Greg Tambini and this is my cat Louie, who my roommate found inside a Home Depot in Newark, NJ and brought him home. He was looking out our window staring at a bird on my neighbors roof and I immediately noticed how beautifully the light was hitting his face. I went and grabbed my camera and to my surprise he hadn't moved. The image was shot with a Canon 7D, natural light, ISO 1600, 1/60 at f 5.6. Post processing in Photoshop. Thank you again![email protected]