Child Photo Competition 2016 No 5
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

What happened here? Do you know the picture with Salvador Dali and cats flying around? It reminds me somehow of your picture … only a little. It is really crazy and also funny. A complete frozen moment with an incredible sharpness. She is really having a blast and the dog as well, I hope. Congratulations to this crazy shot and a 'Merry Christmas' to the winner of the last I-SHOT-IT child competition in 2016.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for the award I-Shot-it, and I am glad it made you smile Lisa. My Name is Chris Kirschbaum. I'm an organic farmer/photographer from Oxford, Iowa. USA. This is a photo of my daughter Charlotte, and her crazy jumping bean of a dog Chili...who in the picture was caught halfway through a 360 degree jump chasing mud/water droplets that my daughter threw so hard she fell down into the puddle. It was taken in the lane on our farm after a heavy rain. I used a Nikon D3 and a Sigma 50 1.4 to capture it. Processed in Lightroom.