Premium Photo Competition 2015 4
Winning Photo

Judges Comment

Alone in a fairytale it seems. Lovely colors and great balance and composition. Well done!

Photographers Comment

Thanks a lot for the mark of excellence - I feel honored with that hard competition. The adorable European ground squirrels are an endangered species, but there are some locations in Austria where they can be still happy - though just at this time one of the biggest populations - here in Vienna - is in immediate danger because of a beginning construction project. This photo has been shot with the Canon 5d Mk iii and an old (20 years) but still great Canon 400/2.8 L USM II. There's only a little post processing involved like RAW development, noise reduction, sharpening and tonal correction + saturation. My name is Henrik Spranz - and I'm an German amateur nature photographer residing in Vienna/Austria.