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Judges Comment

What a beautiful and classic photograph of a lively child with an extraordinarily cute expression and large eyes to explore it all! We note that the tonality is perfect, the details of the eyes exactly as they should be, and a perfect balance in the photograph. This is the winner of the I-SHOT-IT Black & White Competition. Congratulations!

Photographers Comment

"Fame" ... so I titled this portrait of my niece ... The photo was taken at a time of the end of lunch at the birthday party of my two sisters, one of which the small mom Joy portrayed in the picture. It was a moment of serenity and I noticed that my niece was playing with the pot sitting on the lap of his mother ... I not thought a lot and I immediately took the camera and I have not put on the table level and then the small and I took . The light from the window made the difference. For this shot I used a Canon Rebel XTi; f 5.6; ISO 400; 1/50 sec. with time priority. It was August 29, 2010 ...