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Judges Comment

This is wonderful. There is so much detail yet the result is minimal at the same time. You have used the 2:3 format really effectively pulling lines across the image and down into the bottom corner, dividing the picture into 3 distinctive yet complimentary parts. The bitter cold seems warm and comfortable, the textures crisp and sharp. You planned this photo and then went out and nailed it, I needn’t go on about depth of field or shutter speed, you know all about that. You have absolutely mastered this beautiful winter landscape, well done, you win !

Photographers Comment

Hi! My Name is Tobias Ryser and I am a Landscape and Wedding photographer based in Switzerland. I am really thrilled seeing my picture win this award out of all these other stunning images. I shot this one on Silvester's Eve 2014 when a photographer friend of mine an myself decided so spend the New Year outdoor in the cold Swiss Mountains. Lucky as we are, we had lots of fresh snow but we were covered with misty Clouds all day long and couldn't see any Mountains. But fortunately some minutes after sunset, the Clouds suddenly dropped an all the mountain beauty came to live and I was able to take this image. Lots of Greetings from Switzerland, Tobias