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Judges Comment

absolutely brilliant. wonderful soft tones, beautiful setting, and incredibly executed. the turn and curve of the body you have captured, along with the reflection in the shallow puddle are absolutely mesmerizing and definitely memorable. this is a definite fave. i'm not sure if you have this to play with in the original file, but the only thing i think that could make this image stronger is a little more image top and bottom -- giving a little more breathing room above and below the tail/tail-reflection. if it were me and there wasn't more image, i might even tempted to do a little photoshop to see what i could squeeze out of the image as far as elongating it -- either more just on top, or more equally top and bottom. wonderful wonderful image. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much for choosing my picture. It shows my lovely Scout. The puddle my dog stands in is only a centimeter deep so the water surface is immediately calm again. It took several shots to get the picture I wanted. This photo is not photoshopped, the reflection is real. My name is Elke Vogelsang.