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For most bird photographers, the first few years are spent trying to get sharper and more detailed images of their subjects. Only after this can be accomplished consistently do they tend to consider that 'sharper isn't always better'. At that point, they often realise that taking a pleasingly blurred shot can be even more difficult that taking a sharp one. The ideal blurs allow the birds' heads to still be frozen, whilst the motion of the wings is conveyed by just the right amount of blur. Even with the right technique, if the birds are photographed against an uninteresting background (such as a plain sky), the results will lack impact. Here, though, the photographer has captured this small wader (shorebird) flock amidst a glorious wintry scene, flying into the frame and balanced by the warm glow from the sun. Reflections in the lightly-rippled water and a snowy backdrop all add to the ethereal feel. This is the kind of image I want to keep coming back to.