Most Popular Photos : 2014 : Position 30

Judges Comment

Grown-up men that seem to enjoy the snow as much as children, in a interesting setting and where the snow is part of the dramatic tone. Love it!

Photographers Comment

Hi, My name is Sungsoo Lee , Street photographer from South Korea , residing in Calufornia. This picture was taken at Larung Gar , Tibetan buddhism monastery in China, 2014. Though it is April, there are rapid changes in weather due to the high altitude(13,000ft). Stormy clouds had suddenly advanced on the clear sky, and thick hail began to rain down. Thankfully, the hail soon softened into snow. The monks are hurrying along their way, hoping to get out of the snow. Nikon F6 , 50mm f1.8g , Fuji provia 400X - B&W converting in LR5 , 2014. Thank you again for awarding two pictures in this competition.