Most Popular Photos : 2014 : Position 2

Judges Comment

We like this, "The Kiss" photo, a very dramatic image that also opens up for some other possibilities. Is he rescuing her, are they having fun, or simply so passionate they didn't notice?

Photographers Comment

This photo was taken in Havana in January 2014 on the Malecon, the seafront of the Cuban capital. Place to walk and relax in good weather, it becomes inhospitable and even dangerous when the winds get up and throw stones and waves on the pavement. I watched this couple playing and kissing. I got closer, we greeted each other with à smile, and they continued their dance. Captivated by the scene, I caught the wave, completely soaked, but my Leica M240 and the summilux 35mm were doing well ! All the best to you from Geneva, Switzerland. Olivier Vogelsang