Most Popular Photos : January 2018 : Position 3

Judges Comment

Beautiful northern light and a striking low angle really put these walruses into their environment. It is a magnificent shot, nicely exposed with sharp detail, it rightly jumped straight into 1st place. Very well done, you win this round.

Photographers Comment

Thank you very much for choosing my picture as the First Prize! I am a nature and wildlife photographer in Florence, Italy. This photograph was taken in Svalbard Islands, on a summer night at around midnight. In this region walruses have been near to extinction because of hunting till 1952, when they were protected by law. Since then their number has progressively increased and nowadays they are relatively common. These two males belong to a small group of about 20 individuals. The photo was shot with a Nikon D800E and Zeiss 21mm f2.8 lens, entering into the cold sea water to obtain a picture of the animals in their environment.