Most Popular Photos : March 2022 : Position 22

Judges Comment

A timeless capture with deep shades of blue, with a little bit of the warmth of orange. The blurriness works well, keeping the main subject in focus. Congratulations to the winner of the first 'I Shot IT NOW!' photo competition!

Photographers Comment

Thanks for this honor! My name is Mark Rast. This is a pond in Mansfield, MA. The picture was taken using a Canon 5D Mark III. The lens was a Canon EF 16-35 paired with a 0.6ND grad filter. The diminished depth of field was done in post. I was originally trying to capture the sunset but arrived several minutes too late. That was a stroke of luck as it turned out, because the effect of shadows and magic hour glow made a charming image of these ice fishing young boys doing their best to enjoy the final moments of a cold winter afternoon.