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Judges Comment

Simple and effective capture of an audience that experience something special, it’s up to the viewer to guess what and where. We love how this photo keeps us captured with simple means. This is the winner of the I-SHOT-IT photo competition. Congratulations!

Photographers Comment

Hi, my name is Josip Miskovic and I have been following and participating in the I shoot it competitions for four years. I used the Canon 5D mark III for this photo, Riccione (Italy) where I dealt with video footage from the center of the room, even if I was there for the client who commissioned me, I carved out for a moment during the event to take the photo. In post-production it was important to choose whether to keep the original blue color or to synthesise it even more so as not to distract the spectator from the main point which is the relationship between this crowd and the light source. I want to thank the judges very much for this precious recognition! Every time I participated in I shoot it competitions (not winning) I still appreciated the judgments that were made and I must say that they have always won the photos, even very simple but with a story to tell.