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Photographers Comment

Thanks for the honor!! My name is Guenther Reissner and I am from Austria. This is a long exposure shot taken in the Hafen City of Hamburg. The dominant building in the center is the "Spiegel" Building. The difficulty with this shot was, that I was standing on a bridge, were trains also passed over. So it took me several tries to get a good shot, without the shaking of the bridge, due to passing trains.

Judges Comment

This image imparts a feeling of wonder and stability thanks to the centered composition with the largest building in the middle and use of a slow shutter to smooth out the clouds and water. The symmetry of the buildings on both sides and the whole reflected in the water yields a very cool kaleidoscope quality. Excellent!

Photographers Comment

Wow, I am so surprised and excited to have won this competition, what an honor, thank you very much. My name is Guenther and I am from Austria. This shot was taken this spring in Hamburg, Germany. It was a windy, cold and cloudy day, perfect for a long exposure shot. I exposed for about a minute, postprocessing was done primarily in LR. Thankā€˜s again!!