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Judges Comment

This image has many levels of good photography, from landscape over black and white to being in the right place at the right moment. Well seen, executed with a steady hand and a good eye for composition and storytelling. This is a superb image and makes it this competition's winner.

Photographers Comment

My name is Tony I am a Pharmacist from Singapore. This photo was taken in the middle of a desert in Xinjiang China with Contax 645 with Aptus 5II and a 35mm equivalent of a 21 mm on tripod. This photo was taken during noon time the lighting was harsh and there are not much color in the surrounding. I walk around this dead before I discovered this angle the dead tree trunk look like a dinosaur feeding on the vegetation. Hence, I decided to convert it into B&W and using high contrast to show the fine details of the dead tree, the living tree in the background is a bonus .Golden Euphrates Poplar 胡楊 the Chinese love and adore this tree for it resilience characteristic. There is a saying that this tress survive for a thousand years and it will not fall for another 1000 years and even it has fallen it will not rot for another 1000 years.