What happens when I add a photo to my favorites?

December 12th, 2016 ( Updated 5 years ago )

When you view someone else's photo you will see a Add To Favorites link below the photo. If you click on this link a record will be stored in the I SHOT IT database, and you will be able to view all of your favorite photos on one page. When you sign in you will see the My Favorite Photos option in the drop down menu.

When you click on the Add To Favorites link, an email will be automatically sent to the owner of the photo to let them know that someone has added their photo to their favourites.

In case you're wondering, when photos are added to favorites it has no effect on the competition results. It's completely separate from the voting system in the free competition.

For your interest we have created a Most Popular Photos page. This does use the favoriting system to work out which are the most popular photos for a given time period. By default it will show the photos that have been favorited the most since the beginning of the month. By changing the settings you can see which photos have been favorited the most in previous months and years.

Photos can be removed from your favorite photos page at any time. Just click on a photo on your My Favorite Photos page, you will see a Remove From Favorites link below the photo.