How do I enter a Free Photo Competition?

June 2nd, 2016 ( Updated 6 years ago )

There is a new free photo competition every week. There is one week to enter your photos which is immediately followed by one week of voting. ( Voting Competitions ). The winner with the most votes will have $10 added to their I SHOT IT account which can be used to enter the non-free competitions.

To enter a photo into the weekly free competition:

  • Go to the Add Photo To Competition page and click on a photo.
  • Choose the Free Competition Week n from the list of competitions.
  • Click on the Add To Competition Now button.

If you would like confirmation that your photo has been entered correctly, you can view all of your entries on the Photo Competition Entries page.

Because these competitions are free, the standard is generally not as high as the paid competitions. The free competitions are very popular, so to stand any chance of winning you really do need to add your best photos. Unlike the paid competitions there is a limit of three entries per user. To qualify you will need to vote for at least three other photos for each entry. So for example if you entered three photos, you would have to vote for nine other photos to qualify.