Can I use programs like Photoshop™ to edit the photos?

March 23rd, 2015 ( Updated 7 years ago )

We are often asked about what software can be used to edit and enhance photos. We do not give any criteria or restrictions to our judges. It is completely up to the judges to decide on the winning photos. It is worth noting that this is a photo competition. If there is too much processing and editing to the point that the photo does not look like a photo any more then it will be less likely that the judges choose the photo as a winner. The judges will be primarily looking for photography skills, but using software like Photoshop™ to make minor adjustments will not be problem.

There are many software techniques that can enhance a photo, or filters for lenses. It would be impossible for us to draw a line between what is allowed and what is not. We can only advise that you look at the results of past competitions to see what photos have won.