I don't have a PayPal™ account. Can I still enter?

March 23rd, 2015 ( Updated 7 years ago )

In most countries, you should be able to make a payment without having to create a PayPay™ account. When you make a payment via PayPal™ the system accepts a variety of cards, and you don't need to create a PayPal™ account. We use PayPal™ as it allows us to create a fully automated system for our website.

We have been informed that in some countries the PayPay™ website will insist that you create a PayPal™ account before making a payment. We are not sure what the reasons are for this.

You might find that your card is not accepted if you make a payment that is less than $10. At the moment we are not sure whether this is enforced by PayPal™ or the bank that issues the card. PayPal does not always give clear reasons why a card is not accepted which can be very frustrating for us and the person trying to make a payment. If you have any more information that we can add to this FAQ, please contact us.