Wildlife Photo Competition 4 2020 : Entry Number 46

Judges Comment

Well just how cute can these get? Here is a charming shot looking right in through the front door. The setting is wild and homely, the occupants (who look like wood mice to a non specialist me) are so curious with light in their eyes. No doubt the result of a lot of work and patience but you have seized this so well. It is an enchanting and rare photograph, you scoop the prize, congratulations!

Photographers Comment

I am very happy to be the winner this time! Many thanks to the judge, also for your kind comment, much appreciated! These animals are indeed wood mice who live in a forest, inside an old dead tree. On the left side you see the male and on the right the female, they recently became parents, which was a surprise for me as I didn't know that wood mice also breed during winter. This shot was taken with a Canon 90D + 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM. Again, many thanks!