Wildlife Photo Competition 4 2020 : Entry Number 27

Judges Comment

This is stunning! Fish crossing the road, whatever next? Congratulations for this unique photograph.

Photographers Comment

Thank you for counting my photograph among the finalists! I took this photo while working as the photographer on a project along the Gulf Coast in the southern U.S. We were looking into how the disappearance of the land composing the Mississippi Delta affects the environment and the people who rely on the on a healthy ecosystem to make their living. While driving out to the submerging homes of the first 'climate refugees' in the United States, we had to cross this Island Road that is steadily being engulfed by the sea. The land and marsh that once surrounded the road is almost entirely underwater, and the road becomes partially submerged at high tide as the land sinks, and sea levels rise. If anyone would like to explore this topic further or check out the project go to https://voicesofaflyway.com/explore/ to listen to a 7 part podcast or view the Story Maps to go on a journey up the Mississippi Flyway with migrating birds, and the people who live there.