Bird Photo Competition 2 2020 : Entry Number 12

Judges Comment

A major trend in bird photography has been towards depicting birds in their natural habitats, rather than simply isolated against a plain background. This evocative image shows the power of such environmental shots. Lammergeiers (aka Bearded Vultures) are birds of high altitude, so what better way to convey that fact than to show one soaring against a backdrop of half mountain, half cloud? Such a shot could easily be envisaged, but would be extremely challenging to attain in practice. The result in this case really transports the viewer into the Lammergeier's world, especially since the bird has been photographed from eye level, rather than from below.

Photographers Comment

Glenn Welch: I took the photo in Solsona, Spain in February using a Canon 7D mkii and 100-400mm f4/5.6 mkii. We were in a hide high up in the mountains and the mist had descended leavig us unable to see more than a few feet. For hours we were just staring at a blanket of thick cloud. Mid to late afternoon, just as we were giving up hope the cloud lifted and soon after this Bearded Vulture flew by. I was so suprised I nearly missed the shot!