Flower Photo Competition 6 2019 : Entry Number 59

Judges Comment

Beautifully framed, showing the essence of the flower. Just enough shown, to keep the observer curious and engaged with this image. The water drops add depth and texture, and make this image shine.

Photographers Comment

Thanks to the I-shot-it team for the Mark of Excellence! I'm Michaela from Germany. I shot this photo on a winters day where you normally don't expect to see flowers. It was a very small flower. I shot with a Porst color reflex f1,4 55 mm vintage lense (back from the 70's) and my Fuji X-T20 on a very small aperture. This might be the reason why it's not so sharp... But I'm happy that you chose it for a mark of excellence anyways! Congratulations also to the winner! This is really a wonderful picture!