Flower Photo Competition 6 2019 : Entry Number 48

Judges Comment

The I-Shot-It team would like to congratulate the winning photographer of this Flower competition, to such great submission! Composition, vivid colours, as well as the element of rain in it, creating a stunning image with a lovely story. Great timing, capturing the appearance of a bird as well! This could be a montage, or is it a slice of real life? This image is lovely in multiple layers and ways.

Photographers Comment

I'd like to thank the The I-Shot-It team and judge Birgit Krippner for choosing my photo. My name is Patrice Brost O'Rourke from New Jersey USA. This was taken in the Summer on the side of my house. A sunflower with a female Goldfinch, state bird of New Jersey on top. There's almost a symbiotic relationship between the flower the bird and the rain. The bird eats seeds from the flower, while dropping some seeds to the ground. The rain helps the seeds grow the flower to feed the birds again. Taken with a ZF-300 Lumix with a Leica lens. Thanks again!