Bird Photo Competition 4 2019 : Entry Number 21

Judges Comment

Sometimes an image needs a special element to separate it from the crowd. Reflection pools are now a common way to attract a wide variety of bird species to capture decent images. For a few years, drinking and bathing behaviours were a novel way to add interest, but they have now been somewhat 'overdone', leaving photographers once again with a creativity challenge. So, would this slightly soggy Jay have made for a winning subject on its own? No, but add in a single eye-catching and unexpected element and the impact is transformed. Although in most cases photographers can improve their images by simplifying them, there are definitely times when one more element is better.

Photographers Comment

I'm very happy to win this contest ! I was in a drinkstation and I saw a movement on the water. I realise there is a dragonfly in the water. But a jay has also seen this opportunity to have a lunch. I didn't know jay eat dragonfly...