Child Photo Competition 2019 No 5 : Entry Number 48

Judges Comment

May the I-shot-It judge assume that this is young Hannah? She looks like making a fine actress in the way she moves, poses and laughs. Her make-up suits well and underlines the vivid and playful mood in this delightful image. We also like how outside, on the other side of the window it is dark, and it looks cold, possibly winter. Inside there is warm light with such positive energy.

Photographers Comment

This picture is part of my long term project called "sisters and cowboys". Since i am a father of two, there is never a lack of children running around our appartment. My professional work is all about interiors and business portraits, so i am happy to show some of my private projects once in a while. I shot this with my Canon 5D Mark 2 and also used a small flash light, just to have the possibility to freeze Hannah´s movement. Glad you like it...