Child Photo Competition 2019 No 4 : Entry Number 69

Judges Comment

The expression of this young lady is just priceless! The contrast and bold colours, most likely this image was taken with flashlight, add to the flavor of this photo and brings out the best. A marvelous capture this is, great timing and execution.

Photographers Comment

How nice to have this honor. Thank you! My name is Patrick Tadeushuk, and I'm in Yonkers, NY. This photo was actually made in the winter of 1990 in the lunch room of a bus company I managed. The little girl was the daughter of one of the company’s owners and was probably most annoyed by all of my picture-taking, though something tells me that lunch didn’t improve things. The original image was on Fujichrome film and made with a Nikon FM2. I am not positive about the lens, but it was probably a Vivitar Series 1 100mm f 2.0. I recently scanned the slide on a Minolta Dimage scanner. Post processing was minimal--just some cropping and adjustments for contrast and brightness. I am in the process of creating a portfolio of my work, old and new, and hope to have a website up soon. I love photographing virtually everything, from people to plants, riverscapes to heavy industry. Everything has a beautiful moment. I can be reached at [email protected]