Bird Photo Competition 3 2019 : Entry Number 59

Judges Comment

An artistic arrangement featuring a centrally-placed pair of courting cranes flanked by faded birds in a variety of poses. The restricted (monochrome) palette and high key treatment add to the aesthetic, as does the alignment of the birds in the upper half of the frame with the outer birds looking inward. Overall, an interesting composition that stands out from the usual images of this species.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for choosing my photo to win this round. My name is Angela Poggioni, originally from Florence, Italy, I live in New York City. I took this photo in Hokkaido, Japan in a very cold, foggy, early winter morning. The Manchurian Cranes are beautiful, elegant birds who love to sing and dance, and watching them was not short of being inspirational. Nikon D500, Nikon 70-200mm f/4.0, focal length 145mm, 1/1000 sec at f/6.3, ISO 220. The picture is barely cropped, I enhanced some clarity and exposure.