Street Photo Competition 2019 1 : Entry Number 43

Judges Comment

Here is a vibrant, colourful photograph with several layers of interest. You have seized a random moment, like a page of a story, an instant fixed, maybe you have been a little lucky even, but that is how photography works out sometimes. The bubbles in front of the bubble vendor’s eyes have given him an unsettling expression and at first glance this is quite disturbing but that is where the technique (accidental or not) of this photograph comes in. Focus is on the next layer of people, not on the vendor, our attention goes to the mother holdng the hand of a child who has surely seen the bubble man, then her connection with those men in pink and blue and the busy, colourful background, we are probably near the market of an indian town. We are in the street, passing by, taking it all in. This is an exciting shot with so much to look at, congratulations you win this round!

Photographers Comment

Max Sturgeon, Sonepur Mela in India, shot with Fuji XT-2, processed in lightroom