Landscape Photo Competition 2019 No 2 : Entry Number 13

Judges Comment

Lovely lightshafts and a nighttime exposure make this shot of the antelope canyon really stand out from the ordinary. Well done.

Photographers Comment

In this completely dark corner of Upper Antelope slot canyon, I softly light painted strategic areas of the canyon with small red LED lights. The red color of the LEDs forced the camera’s color balance to expose the sky with a vivid blue. Along with long 15 second exposures and light painting, an image of wonderful perspective and soulful adventure emerges - complete with beaming moonlight invading the darkness of the subterranean sandstone world. Even though I was focused on tweaking the camera's settings and position, I was warned to watch my standing area and the canyon walls for huge Brown Recluse spiders (as one ran under my tripod). Now this sounds like a place in hell for most people, but I couldn't be more grateful for the night hikes experience into Antelope Canyon.