Wildlife Photo Competition 4 2018 : Entry Number 8

Judges Comment

Well here is an unusual eye-catching shot with lovely textures and colours. One can imagine all sorts of scenarios without ever being sure where the real story is. Is that crop too tight? Maybe, but an engaging shot in any case.

Photographers Comment

Thank you so much for the recognition of my photo, "Surface Tension". The scary thrill of standing there about 6 feet away from this beast with nothing between he and I, sweat in my eyes and shaking terribly, captures the fear and adrenaline rush you just don't get everyday when you walk up on something like this. This gator was just below the surface of the water, under a tree that egrets were nesting in, waiting for baby birds to fall out of the nests and hit the water. It was a photo opportunity I will never forget. Taken at a Florida State park with what I had on me, a Canon EOS Rebel. Lucky shot. Bonnie Chapa