Wildlife Photo Competition 4 2018 : Entry Number 1

Judges Comment

This is exciting, but i’m not quite sure i see what is happening here - i hope it’s mother and cub and that it is friendly :-) But despite that your photo is appealing, the bears and the water seem so real with that shutter speed and the vegetation behind is interesting, though a little lost in a dark vignette. Maybe in a case like this when the close-up action isn’t so clear a wider shot with more of the scene could work better, the bears would become part of the beautiful environment and their actual actions wouldn’t carry so much importance.

Photographers Comment

This photo was taken at Brooks Falls, Alaska. It was September and the bears were fattening up for the coming winter. Every day we would see this big male fishing for salmon in the same spot. This day a young bear decided to approach him, and the look on the big male's face was one of surprise that the young bear would even dare to enter his fishing spot. As it turned out the young bear backed off and a fight did not take place.