Horse Photo Competition 1 2018 : Entry Number 17

Judges Comment

While there are countless photos shot at such a similar angle to this one, this image stands out. By shooting vertically vs. horizontally, the crop is tight on the horse, and this works to draw our eye past the soft lines of its rump, back and neck, and move directly to the perfectly captured eye. Only once the viewer has thoroughly enjoyed the calm gaze and eye of this horse, will they leave it long enough to explore the incredible textures of this horse's mane and soft ears ... yet always coming back to that incredible eye. Beautifully captured and managed in post. ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thank you Ilona! It#s Anna from Cologne again. Although it is a common pose, I simply love to do it - always aspiring to still create something unique and beautiful. It was taken as usual with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the 70-200mm 2.8L and handled in post via Lightroom & Photoshop.