Flower Photo Competition 5 2017 : Entry Number 105

Judges Comment

The first thing when looking at this photo, is making sure that the extremely long antenna from this grasshopper did not get cut off. And they didn’t! This photograph is very nice and lively, with a lightness to it.

Photographers Comment

Thank you for the award. Tomasz Rys - I am an amateur who has been trying for a good picture for over 50 years. Date and place of the photo: 26.05.2007, Kraków, Poland. The garden of my parents lives in harmony and in the cycle of nature. Late in the evening, after the rain, on the huge flower of the peony sat a beautiful green grasshopper ... and probably dreamed of singing in his own way. Leica D-LUX 3, ISO 100, 6.3 mm, 1/200, F / 5.6.