Cars and Transport Competition 3 2017 : Entry Number 66

Judges Comment

Winner Congratulations on winning this round of the competition Great shot and really love the whole mood and tonality to this. Also love the way that you have given the whole scene some space. Very well done indeed

Photographers Comment

First a big thanks to my favorite photographer, I'm very proud to be given this honor of beeing winner for my first time since I started 4 years ago from scratch like many of us...looking forward to see your next tutorial on Kelby one!!!! This prize arrive at a very special moment in my life where I needed the most... Hi my name is Dave Paquet, a french photographer not from Paris but from Québec City now living in Montréal. The combination of camera and lens I use is a D610 from Nikon and a very slow but efficient 24-70 from Tokina that I love very much,most of the time on tripod to get the lowest ISO possible. This picture is one of the first few composite I ever try, three different shot were use to create it, the car I spotted in a car show the background and the foreground.