Cars and Transport Competition 3 2017 : Entry Number 54

Judges Comment

Wonderful image and a great second place Very strong and the whole muted colour and tone works really well. Great shot and well put together, well done.

Photographers Comment

Again thanks a lot, for this beautiful second place you made my morning to say.. My name is Dave Paquet from Québec city, Canada. The camera I use is a D610 with the 24-70 from Tokina. Two layers compose this image, this beautiful door I found in downtown, Montréal while visiting, and the bike, this beautiful RS100 revampired by the coolest guy near me. I usualy never use Lightrroom for my editing, but I learned a lot of things for this image...and in the future Lightroom will be a new part of me. Again thanks a lot beeing judge by is favorite photographer is already a big thing for me!!!! Carry on your great work and inspired the world of photography!!!!