Flower Photo Competition 3 2017 : Entry Number 29

Judges Comment

There is some beautiful poetry in this photograph. The execution brings out a theatrical look and feeling. We chose this image as the I-Shot-It winner, since the observer is getting drawn into this magical world of mystery. The dark pink/purple, set against the deep dark green, is a great combination of colours. Congratulations to the winner of the Flower competition, and thank you for submitting this stunning image!

Photographers Comment

Oh, wow! Thank you very much for choosing my picture! It is just a perfect birthday present for me! It´s an older photo, I shot it in 2005 with my now long retired Canon D60, but it is still one of my favourites. It was pure luck, I was strolling through the wild meadow, trying to find some interesting macro material and saw this beautiful ragged-robin flower with a dandelion seed hanging there on an invisible spider thread. I got to make only one shot, the wind blew and the seed was gone... :-) There is no postprocessing involved, only minor cropping and contrast. Shot by Magdaléna Straková in Pardubice region, Czech Republic.