Horse Photo Competition 1 2017 : Entry Number 98

Judges Comment

This is a truly stunning image that was an immediate favorite. While it draws strength from the black-and-white conversion, I imagine it would be equally strong in color. The strong framing, dramatic contrast, low angle, and direct stare of this shaggy, adorable pony make this image instantly memorable. Bravo! ...and thank you for sharing! ~ illona

Photographers Comment

Thanks everyone! My name is Bragi Ingibergsson (BRIN) and I am an amateur photographer from Iceland. I took this photo of two Icelandic horses in Borgarfjordur Iceland - one as the main subject and another in the distance framed by the horse in the front. I used Canon EOS 5D Mark II for this photo. I did not have to do very much in the post processing, not much more than increasing the contrast a bit and convert it into black and white - which I liked better.